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Last stage

17 September 2013

109° giorno

And after the bike ride around the largest active volcano in Europe, could only follow a visit.

I went up from the South side, from Nicolosi to Rifugio Sapienza (among other things large and beautiful way to go in motion). I have not been content to go up the cable car up to the first point, but I also took the bus that brings to the height above sea level 2,920 There you can also join a guided tour or wander around with their own. Definitely recommend the guide, and do not forget jacket, pants, goggles and something to cover your head. The wind touched the 100km / h and there were - 4 ° C. Without a doubt, I climb Etna is one of the 100 things to do before you grow old (I did not want to be dramatic and write "before you die").

The other stage

16 September 2013

108° day

And after another 4-5 hours of sleep, and an infinite weariness,

wake up at 5:00 to catch the ferry that brought me back to Italy. From here officially begins my pilgrimage to find the many people who have followed in recent months my adventure. In Sicily, the encounter is with the motorcycle club "The bikers Etna", where Joseph even offered me accommodation at his holiday home (Sea Water - www.stazzo.it). And from a motorcycle club with a name like that, where I have brought? Of course the roads around Mount Etna, I was speechless. Curves and breathtaking scenery.

15 September 2013
La Valletta

107° day

Just landed in Malta, outside the harbor waiting for me the couple Robert and Doreen.

Follow my adventure from the beginning, and from great bike, could only offer me their willingness to be my "guide" in Malta. He as well as being a motorcycle enthusiast, is linked to the world Triumph, since it works for the importer Maltese Triumph "Cycle World". And after about 3 hours of sleep, I was already back on the bike. Objectives of the day, meet the RAT Malta and participate in the meeting with their multi-brand motorcycle / multiclub that takes place every Sunday morning in the door to the north of the island. Frankly, this fact that the custom bikes and all other coexist without any problem continues to amaze me. This will never happen at the bar di Montezemolo - CN (although I do not know why this unwritten rule). In general eye asphalt Maltese in major urban centers, it is perfectly smooth with a little oil and rubber, and provides a large percentage of chance of dropping when braking and / or too much confidence. Instead out from the centers the situation is much better.

14 September 2013
La Valletta

106° day

Escorted by Gianclaudio and the club president Marco, I started to Malta,

the last leg of my trip, before devoting the remaining days to Italy. Having a bit of hours to spare, they took me in Taormina (Sicily). Where I immediately directed the first to savor the cannoli pastry, ice cream, oranges ... And as I said some time ago, "God gave the secrets of the Italian kitchen, and told him to distribute it at all. But of course the Italians were held all the secrets. "This thing is appreciated in full, only to be some time away from Italy.

13 September 2013
Reggio Calabria

105° day

After 18 hours of the ship, I landed in Bari in this city are sadly bound,

because a few years ago, here I stole the car. It was a tragedy, because with my 2 friends, we remained only with shorts, without a penny and / or other (in the true sense of the word). But water under the bridge, I am glad to see Bari The very first thing I tried was a bar, I wanted to savor the taste of Italian coffee (in fact I took 3 in the following hours, without eating anything, I did not want him to leave that taste good I was missing for almost 4 months). Arrived in Reggio Calabria, I was hosted by Gianclaudio (the record man of whom I spoke some time ago), where I also had the pleasure of meeting his motorcycle club "The Bronzes in Motion".

12 September 2013

104° day

Today, after an hour of driving I have come to the southern point of Greece,

and as they say in Europe (but Wikipedia says another, place the southern most point in Spain). One thing I've noticed here and in many other countries (eg the famous street "Transfagarasan" in Romania) who do not put any kind of sign that indicates the altitude, or other place, in short, do not celebrate their beauty. From there only 6 hours separated me from Patras or by my ferry to Italy, so just enough time to two pictures and I took the road. Then followed 14 hours of endless browsing.

11 September 2013

103° day

Today, instead of taking the ferry to Italy, as I calculated, I extended my stay in Greece.

Direction "Vatheia" the extreme South of Greece. And as I had recommended Elias, I have not regretted it. They also passed the famous "Sparta" but as in Athens, this city remains only the name. I would recommend it highly to all the exploration of southern Greece in motion, streets and landscapes will not disappoint you.

10 September 2013

102° day

After 2500 km of recent days, I came to Athens with the muscles trembling.

But here I knew I'd put for a day, so I went right to a fast exploration of the city, where I met Elias, another super fan of Triumph. I had read some time ago on a forum that "if Athens is expected to see the Rome of the Greeks, we have it all wrong," and in fact is the one that I made myself. As for getting around the city in motion, in general I noticed that the lady here are the bikes, are many, but being that about 50% of the Greek population lives in Athens, the traffic is scary. Not to mention slippery asphalt, with the sun that makes him look like a sheet of ice.

09 September 2013

101° day

I would like to say that I have discovered on the hot water, but Montenegro is a country all to drive.

There is no a straight longer than 10 meters (this is in the northern part of the country). The asphalt is not exactly perfect, but good. But in addition to the roads, there's the whole matter of off-road. In fact I met some Germans who return each year in these parts, with the club rented an entire hostel and spend a week in the woods. And after Montenegro was likely Albania. Without my friends want to Albanians, but definitely Albania won the primacy of the worst roads I have encountered throughout Europe. There are situations where even the 10km road is not paved with potholes and craters. Not to mention the gas station to pay with the card, you will look bad, just cash. I tell you this from experience, because I was out of cash and had to stop for motorcyclists English for me to pay 5 euro, gasoline necessary to buy the right to arrive in Greece, where it is not always easy but even more, I was able to use the ATM.

08 September 2013

100° day

Given the permission denied to go to the Rep. of Cyprus

I used those days to visit the last remaining countries not visited in Europe. Even just mention it the way I do me a headache. About 2500 km between Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania and Greece in return. For those who did not understand, 2500 km made in Italy are not many, but in these countries become a challenge. Macedonia is a single vineyard, the whole country is covered with it. Kosovo is an area still a bit unstable, this is not how I ended up in bad situations, but for the presence of NATO. The armored intersect every 5-10 km, so I guess there is a reason. In Kosovo, you must also pay an additional insurance, and this will tell you without checking your green card (know in advance since it still has no insurance Kosovo as a state in the famous squares). I forgot to customs Mecedone one of the officers suggested to me that them the helmet is not compulsory and saw the great heat, I did not put it. But my answer to that helmets do not wear it out of obligation, but primarily for personal safety, it is laughed. The same has happened to me indentical situation in Albania with the local police. I think it will still take years before that here we've got to think that certain things are used for personal belief and not only out of obligation (another example, seat belt in the car).

07 September 2013

99° day

Since I have dreamed what happened to me yesterday, I write today (yesterday I did not know how to forget).

I was on the road to the border Turkey - Greece, when at some point I decide to want me to stop for a snack from one of the stalls on the street. I do not know why, but I choose the one where there was only a child to sell, and even though he had nothing "salty" to eat, I decided to take a melon (cost 1 pound, about 38 cents). But as I gave the melon, the child is nailed in front of the bike and despite my calling to share the melon that I was cleaning him, has not been moved. After a while goes around comes around and hands me the coin 1 Lira who previously had given him. Of course I did not accept the money, but I tried to pick him up on the bike, to photograph, but nothing. He did not want any of that, he was content just to look at the bike (which was taller than him). Situation like this I leave you speechless.

06 September 2013

98° day

Personally, the economic situation in Turkey was unknown to me,

but after seeing sites of all kinds everywhere, I realized that Turkey is a country that goes on regardless of the crisis. Just to not make a fool of, I also read some data that I have confirmed my impression. Speaking of the boys in Istanbul, I was told that the student movement will return to the streets in September, will reopen when the universities (in order for the increase in prices that we have been in recent years). Leaving Turkey have arrived in Greece, but it is only a passage to Macedonia, Greece back in the coming days.

05 September 2013

97° day

Finally, close to Istanbul. The city is overly huge, and looking through the numbers,

is the most populated city in Europe (always according to the points of view, Europe / Asia). I really deserve to be visited by all European explorers, because despite being a few steps away, here there is a completely different from everything I've seen so far. For motorcyclists, forget the idea of ​​using the bike in the city. The traffic is paralyzed in a few moments, and some rules are fairies at the moment by motorists who are always right. Here I also met a young Iranian, which was very difficult to understand the existence of a powerful engine for a motorcycle. I tried to teach him about the engines that drive in Europe, but after a while I gave up. Unfortunately, this has been an impossible task for a man who for the first time sees "the West."

04 September 2013

96° day

And here I am at last in Asia, namely in Europe, okay, everyone sees it as he wishes.

Today I feel a little like Don Quixote who goes to fight the windmills. The impossible mission today is to find some way to go in the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey found no problems at the border. The Italian Consulate in Istanbul I have answered the same way as the Italian Foreign Ministry, you can not do. But seeing me convinced, however, they told me "boy, do not f ** k ate". And after this sentence I finally decided not to go there. (For those wishing to learn more, here what Wikipedia says http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problema_di_Cipro, or if you want on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there is the official document where the Italian invites citizens to not get to the Republic of Cyprus by Turkey but with a flight from any other country)

03 September 2013

95° day

Today preanuncia a very long day. The stretch of road is fixed Sofia - Istanbul.

Of the guys who made this stretch a few days before, I had been warned that the border would have been to wait a lot. But arrived at about 15km from the border, had started his tail. Without words I immediately waited like everyone else, but then I opted for the road "motorcycle" and so I have surpassed all down to a stop a few machines from the border to wait like everyone else this time. The practice at the border is long, about 1 hour. But once you go in Turkey, the streets are nothing short of perfect and above all always go out of town, so you can go pretty loud. Then there are the cops Turks. Now you're thinking of something bad, but no. I stopped and immediately offered me a glass of cold water. Then they explained to me that they stopped me just to see the model of bike, and I had not done anything. The world is beautiful because it is varied.

02 September 2013

94° day

Today's destination is Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.

From the first village after the border I realized that there is so much poverty here. And this is what I found myself also confirmed in the evening, reading a bit of data on Bulgaria is the last country in the EU ranking. The wagon with the horse is still a means of much use here. Among the first village after the border and Sofia, I'll cross it and not 3 villages, everything is completely dedicated to the cultivation (the northern part of the country is a large plain). Eye on petrol, fill up before leaving Romania. In Sofia, but I was amazed how in a few tens of meters are orthodox church, Catholic church, mosque and synagogue, all dating back to hundreds of years ago.

01 September 2013

93° day

As you can see from the blog updates, today I recovered the previous week.

Unfortunately, between all the commitments I had not had time to be able to be on time. In addition to updating the website, I spent the whole day to update the cameras, navigation and sorting out all the photos. Ah, finally out in the app store is the appalicazione "phototeller" (www.phototeller.it), the one I used until now in beta. What does it do? This app has allowed me to have already printed photos at home waiting for me. Read on for more details.

31 August 2013

92° day

I forgot to write it in yesterday's post. As we walked down the famous street "transfagarasan"

I was approached by Alexander. He was with a group of guys who were on their way to the gathering of the "Romania Tenerè Club". And as we passed them, it is the first stop approached and noticed my Explorer with the name and site. So intrigued has been looked at by the phone what it was and amazed many km, invited me to be their guest to tell him what I was doing. I will not conceal that all of them knew more about all the technical features of the Triumph Explorer, even if they had not seen one yet. The Hungarian and Austrian magazines, which test the new models are read by almost everyone. Today there is also the greeting was with the two Roberto, who are leading the way toward returning to Italy, and I have just arrived in Bucharest.

30 August 2013
Curtea de Arges

91° day

Today the awakening was quite slow,

for both the fatigue that for fear of more rain (which promptly was likely). I was almost willing to stop two days in Sibiu, only to face the "transfagarasan" with the good weather, but then with two u Roberto we decided to leave the same. This road has become famous since the well-known TV show "Top Gear" has defined it as the most beautiful street in the world (previously it had been told of the "Passo dello Stelvio"). My conclusion is that the curves are magnificent, the road is quite long, but the asphalt is really bad. In some places you can even finish the rubber, but many have to be careful, gravel and asphalt corrugated are everywhere.

29 August 2013

90° day

The first impact of Romania was traumatic enough,

road quite bad and rain follows me for 3 days. Then there was a very nice piece of road to drive, and then again traumatic tail of about 45-50km. He was completely paralyzed, but fortunately with the bike and un'po of healthy unconsciousness I passed everything and I have come to Sibiu. And saying Sibiu, someone will have already guessed which way I'm getting ready to do tomorrow. At my adventure today joined the two Roberto, Reggio Emilia met by chance in the queue. Tomorrow we will do a bit of road together. One of the things that take the greatest care to remember are stray dogs, before and after the city there are lots of them. And unfortunately this feature the meeting continuously in the country. I recommend you avoid the road circled in the picture. I ended up there by mistake, I thought that I would cut off the path. But it is a great camp rom, where you can see everything, even a pig weight of the bike (about) that you aggro while driving more or less carefree. Unfortunately I did not have the camera on helmet, but tomorrow not take it off anymore.

28 August 2013

89° day

It's time to even leave Bosnia.

And given that this part of Europe is not covered by maps of the navigator, I went back to the old system. The night before the study of the path, and then notes on a sheet to put on the windshield. And just as I left Sarajevo, I had to change my mind again. Of roads, in Bosnia, wonderful to do any running, but you have to know them. (Note the piece of road circled in the picture, to do absolutely) Arrived in Belgrade, now I understand that the city is truly immense. You can turn the engine and let it everywhere, but it is appreciated. This was the case with me, wandering alone in case I was disappointed. Then in the evening I reached a distant cousin, who made ​​me as guide and only then I realized how much beauty there is in Belgrade.

27 August 2013

88° day

Today bad day. I accidentally formatted the SD of the photos of the previous days.

And as if that was not enough it's raining, but this would not be a problem if I had an appointment with the agency "VisitMyCountry" (www.vmc.ba). Their job is tourism 360 ° Bosnia, and of course knowing the best destinations we wanted to do some photos, but needless to say that because of the rain we did nothing. But to console led me around eating all day.

26 August 2013

87° day

And here I am finally back on the road.

They are still in Bosnia, and then I describe the situation as neutral as possible. In my opinion in Bosnia is not to enjoy the road (as it would be in Austria). The streets do not have big holes or anything, but are full of oil stains, caused by some older machines, so extreme caution to slow down and even to bend (I happened to hear in round from the back). So why a motorcyclist should come here? Well, the food is fantastic and there are several things to see. In the center of the Sarajevo Italian I believe is the foreign language most heartfelt, not to mention Medjugorje or Mostar, where Italian is the second official language (and I am not exaggerating).

25 August 2013

86° day

This last day of stay in the city where I was born,

I am totally dedicated to wash all that I have used in these 3 months. The complete Triumph Navigator I wear it now appears regenerated (among other things washed in the washing machine without any problem). I also removed the entire helmet, and I washed all the bearings, linings, visor, Pinlock (I know, a boring job put everything back as it was before). The only thing is that I have not washed the bike, it was raining so I did that leave it open, but the flies are still there.

24 August 2013

85° day

Today I made a visit to a village that much to do with the voluntary sector.

But for now, skip this description because I look different permissions to be able to speak (but I assure you that I will not forget to come back on this subject is close to my heart).

23 August 2013

82 – 83 – 84° day

In these three on 21 - 22 - 23 August I made ​​a sea of things (I'm writing postponed for lack of time).

Obviously being not coming around here for about 3 years, I have visited all the relatives, friends, cemeteries, etc etc etc. In addition to the things that are purely personal, I was interviewed by the blog Bosnian No. 1 and unfortunately I was not able to participate in the television program of the Bosnian state television, again for lack of time. All this media interest is the fact that just do not happen every day that one born in these parts do an adventure like mine.

20 August 2013

81° day

Today has been one of my longest days, I started from Zagreb at 08:30

and I arrived in Gracanica (my hometown) at 23:45. Say that they are cooked is nothing short (but I'm still writing). I noticed that all the people of the Italian campers he moved in Bosnia. Out of 50 campers visas, 45 were targati Italy. I do not know if there's a particular reason or is it just a case. The details of my hometown and all over Bosnia them there will in the coming days, I'm going to stay here for a few days and discover all the beauties which until now I had never taken the time.

19 August 2013

80° day

Today the route is fairly short, Ljubljana - Zagreb.

But now as my custom, I did not do the direct route, but I preferred to wander around for a few more kilometers to Slovenia to see if the area to the east of the country is fantastic as the northwest (the one that borders on 'Italy and Austria). Unfortunately I am slightly disappointed, because they end up in the Alps on the border, so the driving fun and breathtaking landscapes stop there. For those who do not know, Zagreb is the "28th" My goal officer, being that Croatia has just joined the European Union, and Croatia has officially taken part in my project. (Yes, until the next country that will take part in the EU and to the next crazy like me who will decide to do all these miles, I'll bring the distinction of being the first ever to have visited all 28 states of the Europe.)

18 August 2013

79° day

The joy I tried to ride the last 3 days, between Austria, Slovenia

(and about 10 km in Italy) is not comparable to the first half of this whole trip. And I find it hard to believe that there will be something better later. There is also to say that the Alps have arrived at the right time, my mood was slightly (even a little more) suffering throughout the north east Europe. The spirit and motorcycle culture that reigns in these parts, it's really great and engaging. Without a shadow of doubt, after the discovery of Austria, to which state had decreed the victory at little table (Ireland) has slipped to 3rd place.

17 August 2013

78° day

Tonight Austria really gave me the coup de grace that made me finally fall in love with this land.

When he reached the camp, not seeing the reception, much less a bar / camera / intercom or another, I turned to the nearest house. The lady explained to me that the camp was free. You could come and go at any time and that the price list was displayed on the structure that housed the showers and the kitchen, and that in addition there was a case where I should put the money once ended my stay at the campsite. And with great awe and ignorance I asked "but then I could not leave without pay." But the gentleman has just said, "exactly", but it will be his personal honesty to advise you what is right to do more. Now do not you get bored with my point of view on this issue, because it would be too long. But imagine that stuff is amazing that a country does not force you to do something, but you only get from us to the conclusion more (morally) correct. I fell in love with this country (then it is clear that not all campsites are like this, but it's something that some people are.)

15 August 2013

76° day

Unfortunately I remembered that today was August,

and then I found the deserted city. Surely this was an advantage to follow it in motion, but everything was closed. Tomorrow unfortunately I have not time to stop yet, so I'll go away without a true impression of what it's like to ride the bike in Vienna.

14 August 2013

75° day

From Budapest to Vienna are divided. And as some already have asked me,

it was easier to switch from Vienna coming from Bratislava, before falling back to Budapest, etc. But I wanted to get off to Eastern Europe from Austria. One thing I've noticed, and that Hungary Estonia, anything that travels on two wheels greets. So it is not only the classic greeting from "big bikes" but there also happens that the kid driving his fifty us greetings and claiming the salutes, curious. (In Budapest, the police did not stop to move all night with sirens on, so if you want to sleep peacefully, perhaps Bratislava is more suitable).

13 August 2013

74° day

And after defining the quieter town of Bratislava this trip,

I do not know well explain why, but the bike sounded the alarm for 3 times tonight. At the 3rd times I unplugged the course, however, say that I have not slept really quiet. And after seeing all the "North-East", and have concluded that the countries are all identical and with the same problems on the roads and traffic, I'm curious to find out the "South East".

12 August 2013

73° day

In the ranking of the capitals visited so far,

Bratislava is definitely the most peaceful city. Both day and night, in the historic center or out, the city is always very quiet. Almost does not seem a capital.

11 August 2013

72° day

Today I just did a fast lap in the center of Prague and are now shared.

Prefer pass quickly these countries to spend a few more days to Austria, a paradise for bikers.
Speaking of motorcycle havens, today I could not even do that quick visit to Brno circuit pity that despite the email sent on time, I do not it was possible to visit the paddock. The day motorcycle ended in Bratislava, where I'll stay again tomorrow. (I have to catch up on some site organization, as you have seen was a little backward)

10 August 2013

71° day

Also finished the last km of Poland, my adventure is continued in Czech Republic.

Arriving at the camp near Prague, I immediately noticed about 20 tents all the same. Obviously intrigued, I asked the camp manager if it were a group of scouts. But surprise, he replied that it was a French school, which for economic reasons was to blow up the entire class outing. So one of the parents came up with the idea of ​​not going to the guys at the hotel, but in camp, so it was available to everyone. What a brilliant idea!

09 August 2013

70° day

I thought I already arriving in the Czech Republic, but 10 hours of driving today would have been too much!

Especially with this type of driving, I renew truly new being cautious on these roads! Overtaking on bends with double continuous strip are the order of minutes. So I decided to stop in the middle, exactly in Wroclaw. I also wondered why I insist to make the roads and not the highway in these parts! And today I think I've finally given the answer. I'm curious to find out how to compare this countries of Eastern Europe with Bosnia!

08 August 2013

69° day

In Warsaw you die of heat. 40 ° C without even a cloud.

And with this deadly temperature, all day long I looked for a store that sells the Michelin Pilot Road 3 (the tires that I'm using in this adventure). And after several shops, I found the rear, which of course I jumped at. The front is not consumed, so will wait to change it maybe in Austria where there is sure to be more likely to find her. Tonight I hope to have time to visit Warsaw.

07 August 2013

68° day

Today I did the last km of Lithuania and continue my adventure in Poland.

The first km are roads without potholes, but do not be fooled from the asphalt intact. I find it very slippery, and the first heavy braking you'll know. WARNING to truck drivers and traffic in general. I do not want to generalize about cattegoria, but they all have a mad rush to overtake, and do not look at anyone. Several times I happened to overtake not quite regular just to get away from these dangers with the wheels. In Warsaw I arrived in the evening, where I host the family members of a group of boys known in Norway. The name of the "Break the limit" already says a lot. Take a look at their website to find out what it is (it's in Polish) www.breakthelimits.pl

06 August 2013

67° day

I am writing from Vilnius. The city as the other capitals of the Baltic countries is quite small.

Well cared for, although there are several works in progress, especially on the roads. Trakai Castle is a destination outside Vilnius you can not miss, ancient castle built in the middle of a lake.

05 August 2013

66° day

Despite the negative experience of the streets yesterday,

Today I again decided not to go directly to the next capital, but to make a few more kilometers. The situation in the south of Latvija not change one iota than the north. I walked the "highway" that leads to the south, and in addition to two lanes in each direction (where it also leads to 150 km / h), there will a third small tranquilamente where children spend on a bike. Instead in Lithuania is different. It's more like Estonia and other European countries. The roads are in excellent condition, and guide people in a normal way. Lithuania also being small, I decided to perccorere a little more than km, and to go to Vilnius only this evening.

04 August 2013

65° day

Tallinn left I decided not to go immediately in Riga,

but to do a few more kilometers to see the country. The state is small and fairly monotonous life for the motorcycle. There are no mountains, so the streets are straight and the scenery does not change much. Roads pretty good, but in some places outside the city a little ruined. Other than the history of Latvija. The roads are really bad! Some unpaved road, potholes, gravel, asphalt whole trenches left by heavy trucks. People who go to the 140 where the limit is 90. Not even the shadow of a rest area! I do not know how it would be to drive here if it had rained. The first few kilometers in the capital Riga have suffered a Soviet-style city, but in the center changes. Honestly, after the first few kilometers I realized why on the internet I have not found many tales of adventures in these parts. Latvija I find it quite expensive for what it offers, the more expensive Estonia.

03 August 2013

64° day

Tallinn is different from other capitals seen so far.

The city is very small, especially the historic center of the city, where it is not permitted circulate with motor vehicles. But I firmly believe it is not appropriate to use the bike in this capital, everything you visit on foot. I must say that I like it. In addition to sightseeing, today I started planning the remaining two months. I was convinced that I had time in excess, however, controlling not good enough for me. I wanted to delve a little tour of the Baltic states, because looking online I have not found many experiences in motion. But unfortunately I will not even tell me what good how and where to move in motion here.

02 August 2013

63° day

Rain again today, I am exhausted. But in Finland the sun is forbidden?

The first stage was to know where to take the ferry to Tallinn. Unfortunately I do not have to Helskinki decicato a long time, just quick visit to the city's bike and off to catch the ferry. I believe that this ferry will be the most expensive of all my adventure. € 74 for just 2 hours crossing (including loading and unloading). In Tallinn soon as you land the center is about 5 min, then no problem to navigate. Here I greeted Dawid, he continued his return to Poland, while I grant you visit the city and the organization of the remaining two months.

01 August 2013

62° day

We left in the descent of Finland, the land does not change one iota.

Infiniti pine forests, rain does not abandon us even for a second in two days. Many small villages are left to themselves, there is no living soul, I seem to be many sets of horror movies. With a quick visit we looked at a Lathi and we continued towards Helsinki. Once in the evening we thought only to sleep. Tomorrow quick visit and then ferry to Tallinn. Here I will rest two days and arrange the remaining km!

31 July 2013

61° day

Here I take the first few miles in the last Scandinavian country.

On the descent of Finland, to my adventure is joined Dawid. 22 year-old Polish-born who is going through the whole scandinavia solo, about 35 days. The whole northern part of the country, one that goes from the Arctic Circle up is as deserted. We stayed for well-2x with the last drop of fuel. The only positive note was the village of Santa Claus, who is nothing but a shopping mall composed of many separate small shops (I did not see Santa Claus, so I guess that does not exist, then one is free to believe that it exists) . After the long day yesterday, today we continue our journey. I'm always in the company of the Polish guy, and I think we will do the whole of Finland together.

30 July 2013

60° day

Having had the honor and pleasure to be able to greet the latter midnight sun

was really exciting. They had arrived a 4 cruise ships to assist its passengers in this show. The license plates of motorcycles and cars came from all the countries of Europe. The sky above us was a grossisima fireball, everything was a deep red. 01:00 I decided it was time to leave this magical place, and as I walked away every now and then I turned back to see one last time that spell. The next morning I left the times of Finland.

29 July 2013

59° day

Nordkapp... I have read many stories on the internet of motorcyclists who described their journey.

Many speak of the route and right time for a photo with the statue. Many are also the ones I saw today just to get a picture. There is no absolutely nothing to do here to dedicate so much time, but what you may not capture many is the evening / night of corporal. Today is the last day of the year in which you can see the sun at midnight, I remember going from 17/07 to 29/07. They are camped not far from the square, around 23 go to. We will see what will give us the nature of the latter day.

28 July 2013

58° day

Today I rode so long that not even remember what time I left.

I think I did about 700km. I asked the attendant that time I would find along the way, and his response was "no problem man." Well, after 30 minutes the sky turned black. I just had time to put the rain suit and was likely also hail. Luckily the bad weather has passed fairly quickly, because the idea of ​​getting to corporal in bad weather I did not like at all. Excited about the approach of this intermediate goal, I decided not to stop to sleep but to continue driving. Estimated arrival time 02:00 (but because so many photos I took, I arrived at 3:30). I assure you it is worth it to drive at night, the sky gives unique emotions. I would recommend it to everyone, you see much anyway as if it were day!

27 July 2013

57° day

26 July 2013

56° day

Before leaving, a friend said to me, "Bast *** or, you'll see all the fjords."

I thought then and there, and that you want them, 2 mountains at random. Then after a few days he told me again. I thought, if my mom is fixed, I'm sure there will be things of the most beautiful mountains in the middle of the sea to be seen around Europe. But now that I've got to see these mountains, I withdraw my thinking and I admit my ignorance. Reluctantly I have to admit that the primacy that I had reserved a table to Ireland, is about to be beaten by Norway. Turn the fjords is an experience that really is not for the faint of heart. Because sometimes just behind a curve is a wonderful spectacle of nature. If in Ireland needed two weeks to see well, here a month would not be enough. (The path that I am following what is traced by Mauro Dagna, the next World Tourer. Though some parts of the'm cutting because I have all the time he had set for him, just a month. Then if I authorize you put the zipped file on my site with the path.)

25 July 2013

55° day

You know that sometimes you know you should go to a place, even if you do not you explain this?

Well, this happened to me today. As I drove carefree I see a sign that says "Dalsnibba." And now I think, well there we go (I did not have the faintest idea what it was, there was only the writing, no other reference). After the little-known bar that indicated the payment of 100 Korone to continue toward this "Dalsnibba." And while it started with the intention of not paying no visit (for budgetary reasons), I do not know why I decided to pay them. I only say this "Once in a lifetime you have to go." It is a mountain of 1500 meters that has a totally vertical, where you see the city of "Geiranger". Entertainment true.
A reader sent me an email asking me if I always sleep in hostels. The answer is no. I made ​​the card for international youth hostels, and then exploited them in big cities. Instead, outside the big cities almost always tent. And going to comb through the photos to send him the link, I noticed that I never took a picture of my life outdoors. ISPs immediately. Ah, the curtain goes unnoticed in the photos, because it's all in the bag left side (tent, bag, pad).

[in the coming days will also describe my typical day]

24 July 2013

54° day

This morning, after the interview with the program "The Other Europe" (Il Sole 24 Ore),

I finally shared with the guide. From Oslo I headed towards Bergen, and then on to the conquest of the north. The first few kilometers in the land of the fjords immediately leave you breathless. Beautiful scenery to see, and perfect roads to deal in motion. There is only a small detail of the long tunnels under the fjords. Each temperature is about 13-14 ° C and the outside 29 - 30 ° C. And as you can imagine there is no way to stop before the tunnel to set the clothing in "cold." I hope the photos make the idea of ​​this spectacle of nature

23 July 2013

53° day

Oslo holds the record of all nights sleep in the same bed in my adventure, well 3 nights.

But finally, in addition to sleep, I can even see it. The city is very convenient to get around by bike, and there are no problems to let loose on the sidewalks or in pedestrian zones. The license plates of motorcycles in the city from all over Europe, I assume that all those who go to the North Cape to pause also in Oslo. As I walked back to the hostel, I witnessed a scene from the film. Two machines running away at full speed with spectacular maneuvers to some police cars. Immediately I thought they were really shooting a movie. But after talking with a guy in Oslo, told me that it was the pursuit of the robbers of a bank in Oslo. Well, the surprises in this adventure never ends.

22 July 2013

52° day

Today is the day sprint before I knew it.

Obviously I was going to visit the city, but due to new adventures on the horizon, I was in the hostel all day to plan and organize. There is nothing ahead for good luck. I have also dedicated time in the program "The other europe", radio program "Sole 24 Ore" conducted by Frederick Taddia. More details in the coming days. In the evening just to get a breath of fresh air, I tried the highest point from which you can observe Oslo "Holmenkollen". I leave it to you to decide, looking at the pictures, it is worth it (I'll be back again tomorrow evening in late hour, I did not have time tonight).

21 July 2013

51° day

After a day spent visiting Stockholm, direction Oslo, destination: where to arrival.

Needless to say, when I'm rested I could also do the 24 hours of Le Mans. In fact, no problems, up to 9 hours spun Oslo have gone in an instant. Obviously it is not the lack of strategic stop before the border with Norway to fill up "at a good price." Among other things, this was the first boundary encountered since I left. But none of that, the customs officer is not even turned to my step. Ah, I might have to skip Oslo, since the goal of my adventure is a visit of 27, 28 capitals pardon that make up the EU. But since I wanted to do the fjords from the beginning, I have not been able to miss even a jump in Oslo (yes, in all countries endorsed not be 27, but 32 I think). What about Norway, it's hot! 28 degrees and they all feel up to 22-23 are evening. I finally found a small hill, where I was reminded of the term "curve", I also did a little ass against a vintage sports car, but after a while the guy stands still (I think engine problems).

20 July 2013

50° day

The first impression of Stockholm was "ancient".

The old town is perfectly maintained and American cars are all the rage 70 years. In the evening the sky above the Stockholm is crazy, as well as the clouds change shape every 5 min, change the color. I believe that during an evening, the same landscape could be photographed several times, and each time it seems another place. I met a Swiss guy, with whom I visited the city. Aspiring DJ, but in his spare time looking calm and not fun. I forgot, today I sweated cold for 1 hour. I was paying full just made when the contract says "no money on the card." Embarrassed and speechless I paid by credit card. And on my way to the hostel, I had a single thought "oh my God I have cloned the bacomat and I have drained the bill." Obviously arrived at the hostel, internet banking first thing to check, but nancy. Evidently it was a problem of their possession. But do not tell you that fear, it was Saturday, my parents are on vacation, and I had no cash, only credit card.

19 July 2013

49° day

This morning I left early, I was thinking to stop halfway

between Copenhagen and Stocolma, but not feeling the tiredness I made the whole journey. About 9 hours of driving. Only after 4 hours of driving I realized that in Sweden have 3 types of roads, highways, fast roads and urban areas. And I obviously to see something I have always avoided the highways, but these fast roads are virtually identical to the highways. They go into the woods, out of the city, so there is no way to see anything. But I also realized that the city there are very few, so all in all it is normal not to see anything. Despite the 21 ° C, in motion it's chilly. There is a lot of wind, so you perceive many fewer degrees.

18 July 2013

48° day

Copenhagen today, I confess that I very much needed sleep

and if to this we are united by the fact that here the night lasts just 3 hours, you know you have not slept much. So after a brief visit to the city, I threw myself on the grass in the park in front of the hostel and get some sun. Obviously the whole thing is turned into deep sleep. But a wasp or something like that I guess I be allergic point on the foot, and now it is so swollen that almost does not fit in the boot. But no matter, the important thing is that he managed to sleep for at least one day.

17 July 2013

47° day

Here at last I walk the first few kilometers in Denmark.

That of the bikers here we pass just to go Caponord is seen by motorbike overloaded. Motorcyclists lonely like me alternate with groups of 3-4 bikes, I rarely saw groups. And as I walk these long flat expanses, I think how lucky we are to Cuneo. We have the mountains for skiing, the mountains for walking, running along the mountains from which no one else has (ok, some are in France, but is always close to home). Sea, the Langhe, all at your doorstep. Only now that I'm away, I appreciate fully what we have in the province Granda.
What we have are the bridges over the sea that Denmark. Take these long stretches above the sea is very strange and suggestive, can not deny, however, that the wind plays mischievous tricks.

16 July 2013

46° day

Last night when I got to "Schwerin", I had not realized how wonderful

this town. It will definitely be one of the choices for when I retire. There is the lake, wide streets with beautiful curves, tourists and a huge castle (which unfortunately I did not understand what it was). I also got updates from the Japanese boy. He told me he has not stopped in Cuneo, although there is the past, due to bad weather. Instead, in Vicenza said that he found some nasty "moschitos," I thought that went well is that it is not dropped from the parts of Ravenna! It is now in Slovenia, and from tomorrow for a few days will be hosted by my parents in Bosnia. As for me, however, after having admired the numerous lakes that are followed in the north of Germany, I crossed the border with Denmark. Tomorrow I think I'll be able to get to Copenhagen.

15 July 2013

45° day

It is already time to leave Berlin, but not before he had met the American artist Drury...

...known in Dublin a few weeks ago. Drury now fully integrated in Berlin, speaks only English, but in this metropolis that is now the primary language. He explained to me that it will take German lessons, just to personal culture, but for labor issues English enough for him. I will not conceal that my English is improving, however the fact of having to use every day has done his part (do not ask why, but the other day I said to thank "goods" in a store). I confess that traveling is nice, drive and see beautiful landscapes leaves me a lot of emotions. But what makes the difference certainly is the people. The emotion of a sunset at some point vanishes, but the memory of a person stays longer met, and especially the person you can meet again. After the greetings with Drury, hointrapreso the path to the north. Direction Denmark.

14 July 2013

44° day

I am finally in Berlin, the number of my city "goal" to complete increases more and more.

Visit Berlin in motion is very simple, traffic is not talked about either. I do not know if in this period the Germans are on vacation or because it was Sunday. Today I met two young Turks, however, given the limited time available, we postponed the knowledge when I arrive in Istanbul. I also met two guys Dutch, who are returning home from Poland with hitchhiking. They had in hand the ticket, but at the last they understood that they wanted to try a different experience. From Warsaw to Berlin they put just one day. And you give it to the transition to hitchhike?

13 July 2013

43° day

Today we said goodbye to his uncles Dezfijl, I headed for Berlin.

The choice of the way to go has been simple "highway". At the beginning of this trip I had promised myself that I would not have touched the highway, but everyone I have talked about the phantom German motorways without speed limits and with perfect asphalt, so I decided to give it a look for yourself. In my opinion nothing special apart from the fact that there are no limits and you do not pay. I still maintain that the French asphalt is the best!
In Berlin I met two young Turks were a little desperate, but also happy, because they had just made ​​duped by the masters of the "shell game". They lost 200 €, half of the money they had available for their Eurail. Having chatted a bit, I made sure if they had understood the lesson (other than if they happen). We decided to meet again in istanbul.

12 July 2013

42° day

Today direction Delfzijl (border with Germany).

What puzzles me, is how the Dutch manage to build 2 transit routes across the country. There is the road for cars and just next door there is the road for pedestrians / bicycles. This thing is present in both large cities and small remote countries. Then there is the whole matter of the roads that pass over the sea, it's crazy how we defended the city from the water and we took advantage of these defenses also for us to move the machines. I forgot to write it yesterday, I think the Dutch police is as good around the world. In Amsterdam I was wrong 5-6 times the road, I went against my hand, I made ​​U-turns, driven in closed roads, in short, everything. And every time the police seeing the label "foreign" made me the nod to continue without any problems. The fact of making mistakes in the streets was due to all the work they have in this period, where the Dutch are on vacation, so take advantage and closed many roads.

11 July 2013

41° day

Today the day was characterized by my visit at the headquarters of Arai Europe.

I am particularly fond of this brand, because it has been my first choice in deciding the gear for my first bike. And at that time I had no idea who were the most important manufacturers of helmets. I remember, however, that my friend David had suggested 3 or 4 helmets. I had to try them out and then tell him with whom I had better, then we talked about the price and the brand. My choice fell on Arai, and imagine how much I am pleased to be able to wear one of their helmets in an "official" occasion. Returning to the office, is a department store that provides almost all distributors for Europe. But the highlight of the visit was the "Arai Inspiration Centre", there was all the helmets returned by the great drivers with autograph attached. There are more than 500 helmets, and Mr Olaf (the one who made ​​it possible for my sponsorship) says he can recognize almost all year and to whom they belonged. In addition to the collection there are spots for "crash test", where you can see first hand the difference between the Arai helmets and some other brands. When I asked why Arai had not yet helmets with sunglasses, thay was told that Mr. Arai (the company is still family owned) does not allow that his helmets do not have security policies that have fixed when they open the company. Then add the glasses, which would be a 5 min job for them, involves a lot of difference in the level of security, so that are not interested in this type of product (their internal tests are more stringent of European regulation). Finally I met the one who draws all the drivers' helmets MotoGP and SBK, is a long job, I thought the things were much simpler. With Arai was a goodbye at the EICMA.

10 July 2013

40° day

And after the two small states in 2 days, I am in the Netherlands.

After the first 10 km, I was just speechless. Huge expanses of flowers, which give off smells delicious, alternating with the scent of the sea. All this until I got near the port of Roterdam, never seen a port so huge (you can imagine the smell out of even the shadow). However, my direction is the Triumph dealer "the Bulb", where I wait for Wilco. He also heard about my adventure on facebook, and decided to invite me. Wilco is one that we can do on two wheels, its Tiger 1050 is a mix between Tiger and Speed ​​Triple (all produced by himself). Has made ​​a number of adventures, and still helps a friend to arrange tours in Spain (www.tripleaevents.nl). He confessed that another Tiger 1050 in Spain, and in winter often take cheap flights just for a weekend bike.

09 July 2013

39° day

Today the day is started with "bad" news. Two boys from Fossano (Italy)

who are returning from Nordkapp have informed me that I will find the prices in Norway. Petrol almost € 2, in Luxembourg I pay € 1.31, sandwich and drink € 18, € 6.5 in Luxembourg! In short, just a few cents difference. Apart from that, the road to Bruxeles is very beautiful. I dare say that the architect (or those who design the roads) who designed some sections were biker! There aren't big cities, but only small villages that are followed, then the speed limits are low enough! In Brussels, I was about 30 min. The traffic into the city was paralyzed, I assume there was an accident or the like, because they were without even the bike through the machines. So after remaining 30 min to breathe that polluted in a tunnel, at the first opportunity I went over. In the south I think that's all written in French, and in the north all in Dutch. The southern part is more like Luxembourg, and now I realized that I was in love with the latter.

08 July 2013

38° day

Early this morning I said goodbye to the family Handzic and I headed towards Luxembourg.

I confess that every time I'm about 1-2 days by someone, a bit sorry to go away. I must say that until now have been very lucky, I have hosted several times and have always been especially kind person. In the hope that relations do not end here, with all I exchanged addresses. But returning to Luxembourg, I had set wrong the navigator and have ended up a few tens of kilometers in Belgium. Then I came back. Although I of Belgium was already in love. The first word that came to mind arrived at the city of Luxembourg has been "luxury". I think there's more here than Ferrari in Maranello, not to mention all the other prestigious brands. The city is small, the visit is in a hurry, the traffic is not so much, but given the size of the city seems exaggerated. It will be a visit to Paris yesterday, but today I did not really want to stay in a big city, so what to do? Simple ... Go to the event without a fixed destination. Both the state is small, it will not take long to visit it all. Wandering around I noticed a lot of motion, I do not know if it will be due to their good economic situation or the beautiful streets in the open they have.

07 July 2013

37° day

I complained about the traffic in London, but the traffic in Paris is like London, Dublin, Madrid and Lisbon combined.

In the car I think I would be there even if I were sponsored. The tail of the machines begin to run 6-7 km before entering the city. Luckily Hence the custom of overtaking wild (the one that usually do all to get to Turin / Milan) in motorcycle is normal, unlike in London where riders also tend to wait in a queue. Another difference is that here the bikes are parked usually on sidewalks, in London it does almost anyone. The center is quieter by moving along, you arrive safely take a picture under the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

06 July 2013

36° day

Yesterday afternoon, after the visit of the "Castrol Technology Centre", I went directly to take the euro tunnel.

I return in continental Europe, it's back to the euro, it's back to driving on the right and I will return for the third time in France (the country in which I transit many times)! The trip is fast (35 min) and you can safely stand next to your bike. Got off the train, I headed to the first village to immediately take an "espresso", you know, even here it is not the Italian one, but it's already better. From there I continued on the road to Paris, and I realized that now I have a hard drive on the right. I do not understand where I have to watch when I go into round or where to turn.
And then it happened the unbelievable. As I approached the center of Paris along the highway (at 130km / h and above) passed me a motorcycle license plate France, then slows down, passes behind me and then joins me. Do you understand that since the behavior I was amazed, but when in Bosnian told me "Maglajlic, where are you going?", I was speechless. We slowed down just to be able to understand each other and decided to have lunch together. Of course it was curious who I was and what I was doing, so after having explained everything we continued the conversation from him. Motorcyclists of those sick, had every type of motorcycle. He is now seeking a Bonneville, but can not find the model of a few years ago that saw on the internet. This meeting definitely will put it among the incredible events that took place in this adventure.

05 July 2013

35° day

You know the house of the first film x-men, where they were the characters with powers?

Here, it is equal to "Castrol Technology Centre." Located in the countryside in the woods of Pangbourne, is a complex of ancient noble houses. From the outside they think they have the wrong place. But once inside, you discover that appearances can be deceiving. It 'a concentrate of technology almost science fiction, of which I did not know existed. My luck was on their staff that there Federico, the brilliant Italian engineer who works there. Do you understand me explain the real processes of work in English would be a bit complex, or at least I would not have understood everything. After a brief introduction on the main plants and their products, they made me do the tour of the center.
The research taking place there are the most varied, but the core of the research on lubricants dedicated to motion is carried out in the research center located in India (the team leader of the department bike is another Italian). In addition to studying new formulas and new products, you will run tests on both engines of motorcycles, cars and industrial vehicles. Yes, the original engines unhinged from their original media and placed in the labs ... I'm not saying how many thousands of cables are connected to each motor. There are also long-standing partnerships, such as that Castrol for years on with Triumph thanks to joint studies on new engines. The oil is in fact already designed by the principles of the construction of the engine. I also had the pleasure of meeting the guru (and his apprentice) who study the wear of the various componenenti engine and classify them. You know when you pick up one of those color charts you need to assign a rating of deposits on engine components? That is, that the machines are not able to classify because the evaluation can only be carried out by visual and is super experts with years of experience who do by hand.
What else to say? Unfortunately, the center is not open to the public so I hope to be able to convey some of the atmosphere that reigns at the "Castrol Technology Centre" (now I can tell if the Triumph factory is open and if it were I will put details).

04 July 2013

34° day

Quiet day today, woke up at 9, breakfast in the company of Tony and Caroline, then train to London.

Obviously the short and winding tour in motion yesterday did not give me satisfaction it time for a photo. So I preferred to return by train and visit with calm. Here the name of my cicerone is Valentina, Monregalese that for some time living in London.
Today I also received confirmation that I was waiting before abandoned England, has been confirmed my visit at the "Castrol Technology Centre". Even just from the name are very intrigued! This evening another appointment with the local Triumphisti, he learned of the "Surey Triumph Owners MCC," the group of Tony. Only last year were only a few dozen, but this year alone more than 200. On Thursday night is their usual appointment meeting this evening were more than 50 bikes. I confess also that I am not a lover of motorcycles "classic", I prefer the new models ... But tonight at the meeting of the club I fell in love Thunderbird Sport (the red bike in the pictures) BEAUTIFUL.

03 July 2013

33° day

Of all that I experienced today, I could write for an hour ... But I'll try to summarize.

At Triumph headquarters I was advised to avoid going in motion in London (in the center), so I did advise what the dealer closest to the center potergli to leave the bike and move through the media. I have suggested the dealer "Jack Lilley," which in addition to being one of the closest to the center, it is also one of the largest and respected by customers Triumph. Came from them, I was greeted right away as if we had known all his life. I've known Tony, motorcycle enthusiast and Triumphista. After explaining what I was doing, in about 1 second asked me if I had a place to stay, otherwise his house would have been welcome. He accompanied me in the historic "Ace Café", where I also learned of the existence of a type of voluntary unknown believe to many in Italy. It is completely free of charge motorcyclists (no refunds, zero zero) will make available to hospitals for urgent transport of blood or breast milk. This thing has left me speechless! It's one thing to nothing short of brilliant. (Well, I have a new mission when I go back to Italy) Ace After coffee we jumped at Wimbley Stadium, home of the English national team matches. And after some thought, we decided to go in central London in motion. If I can give you some advice, DO NOT DO IT! The traffic is very intense and it is not at all pleasant move 1 meter every 10 min!
In the evening I joined the weekly meeting of the RAT which is part of the Tony "Jack Lilly." He explained to me that here every dealer has their own group, with which we organize evenings, holidays and outputs motorcycle whole. More than the air of a club, I tasted the air of a big family.

02 July 2013

32° day

Here we are ... The right arrow with the words "Motorcycle Factory," and the bar that stands up to my step

(yes, it is the guardian wrong, seeing me dressed completely with Triumph clothing, thought I was one of them and when he saw that I stopped immediately after the bar, because I did not know where to go ... there is still bad! I think the next time will ask for documents at all). FINALLY a visit to the headquarters Triumph!
"Who knows what I'll see, who knows if they are human in here, I'll see the bikes assembled just ..." A thousand questions and thoughts I have gone to my head as I parked the bike. Once before, my guide kept us immediately to explain the rules: no photos, no use of any kind of mobile phone, do not touch anything, earplugs, walking alone in the spaces delimited by the yellow lines. Since I could not take pictures, I hope to explain in words what it's like the plant. It's not very big, I expected to find a gigantic factory, but I have explained that the excellent internal organization enables you to do everything. Hinckley there to the main plant, has 500 employees, of which 200 involved only of design, imagine how important the damage. Here are the products most particular models or new models (eg Trophy, Rocket, Explorer, etc.), instead of the traditional Thai establishment and the speed triple. Since it opened the Triumph, just as I passed in front of the warehouse has been boxed 615.000a the motion, it was a Daytona. The engine is entirely produced in Triumph, however some components such as cables and another is purchased from outside companies around the world leder in their field. As now I've got to understand, all the big companies are committed to the satisfaction of their employees, because employee satisfaction is equivalent to a better job, and Triumph is not far behind. In fact, I have explained why here there are no chain of production, but the bikes are assembled one of each different type. In production chains work is monotonous, which does not increase the creativity of employees, and here you try to use your head at all. The model is complex and time to assemble the Trophy. For all models, the assembly always starts from the engine, once finished, checked and tested, the remainder is added to it. The finishing touches (eg. Colored gold on the tanks) are made by hand. They explained that the details are an art, and art can not be manufactured in production chains. I also asked him to show the track of the tests, but they are all in Spain, said that in addition to the optimal climate, the testers / engineers Spaniards are the best. I forgot, and I rejoiced in the factory tour, two mechanics have devoted two hours to do the complete check of the bike. Replaced oil filter pliers ant. / Post. They also offered me the new tires, but being sponsored by the competition I could not accept them (if ever again I will get the tires to get me to offer a free ...).

01 July 2013

31° day

It's been exactly one month since I left,

and here I take back the bison (the name in the art of motion) at home. Unfortunately, being come to Hinckley (home Triumph) in the evening, of course the factory was already closed, but no matter, so my appointment with them is tomorrow. I assure you that as I approached and saw the lights grow, emotion rose even more (and I was fully aware that I would not have been able to enter at that time). So right away and have a look at the hotel. Oh, I forgot ... Of strange things have happened to me. In Belfast I was escorted out of a pub because I was wearing the suit (seems to be rude), but then when they realized that I was not indigenous, I was taken back inside and apologize to me they offered me the beer I was consuming. But today that has no equal. I stopped at a service station, I made the full, I had coffee and a chocolate. And while I drank my coffee out and talking on a cell phone, one of the clerks has bothered to come out and force myself to end the call otherwise he would have called the police. I can not tell you why, because it did not want to give me an explanation, the fact is that I entered into or to talk on the phone otherwise would have called the police because I could not make it out. I hope this is the weirdest thing I see.

30 June 2013

30° day

Today I finally tasted again the pleasure of riding the bike "naked". Jeans, sneakers and motorcycle jacket ...

Almost did not remember how much it is pleasant driving without packing. Now the bike I find it very light, and think that the first day I tried it I said "Oh my God, I can not ride this bison." I turned Edinburgh in length and breadth, and in the only time that I had left to return to the accommodation walk, I'm lost. The accommodation was 15 minutes, but I walked for 1 hour (yes it happens ...). I also made a jump to greet Triumph Edinburgh, the dealer is really big and equipped with everything. In addition to already have the Speed ​​Triple (Special Edition, which I had not yet had the pleasure to see live), very beautiful and very attention to detail, have all the range in the demo version.

29 June 2013

29° day

After days of unfamiliar faces, now finally a piece of Cuneo in my adventure.

Meeting with Fabio, Cuneo now perfectly set in Edinburgh. The good Fabio addition to having me, also served as a conduit to paco sent to me by courier from Cuneo. Sender "Rikorda", my main sponsor. I finished t-shirts to give away of my adventure, and having regard to special meetings in the coming days, I could not get up empty-handed. The meetings are the ones with the seat of Triumph in Hinckley and home of the Castrol in Pangbourne. Tomorrow visit to the city.

28 June 2013

28° day

Rain, wind, rain rain rain, wind wind wind...

Even on the second day of driving in Scotland was in the company of the rain. It is also reminded of the song by Jovanotti "It's raining! Feel like it's raining! Madonna as rains! Feel like coming down. "I assure you that morale has suffered a bit, but soon I was back in a good mood. To make sure that this happens, we thought the couple Mcdonald. The meeting completely random in a remote village of about 50 inhabitants in the north of Scotland with Gordon, the motorcycle enthusiast since the Second World War. And after having explained that the Triumph motorcycles had created special for the war (I think I understood that they had made ​​30,000 units) with place for your rifle and everything else, the discussion is continued at home. The food cooked by Mrs. McDonald was fantastic, nothing to do with the same dish cooked in restaurants Scots (I have not dared to take a picture). By now he had made ​​a certain time, but he kept us a lot to show me his Bandit. And in spite of a certain age, he told me that still uses regularly.

27 June 2013

27° day

Today in Scotland I had the baptism of the bad weather!

Temperature at 10 ° C, fog, wind, and especially lots and lots of rain. It was really a shame, because the road that leads from Glasgow to Fort William is truly enchanting landscape as (as far as I could tell in the fog) and fun to drive. I've met a lot of bikers, but because of the rain everyone went their own way without stopping. One thing I do not is very clear, but here the bikers did not greet each other? It seemed to me that maybe make a sign with his head to the right, but the classic European greet no one answers ... And after so much rain, as the headline of the article also moto.it when they did the test of the Explorer, Scotland is the land of the 4 seasons in one day. In short, the sun has arrived, so I could take photos. The small fishing villages scattered in the North East of Scotland are a sight to behold, weather permitting!

26 June 2013

26° day

The most common question I get asked is how old I am, but one thing is old enough to do a tour of Europe?

However, today I received the first "f ** k". Sovrapensiero and I was at an intersection without fear, turning I hit the road for hand against them (but the correct one for me). Of course, I immediately moved in the right lane and I immediately apologized, but the "f ** k" was already more than party.
Last night as I left the ferry, I noticed the strange machine that you see in the picture. Speaking with the pilot, he explained to me is a perfectly approved to circulate in the streets (built by a British company), and has the engine of the Civic (slightly processed), from 0 to 100 in 2.7 sec.
The stay in England has been very short, in fact they are already in Scotland, since I have to recover the lost days that I missed the ferry. Arriving in Glasgow, I came across a sea of ​​people, and after some difficulty in passing, I learned that this evening there will be a concert by Robie Wiliams, so they are all here for him... and I thought they were here for me...

25 June 2013

25° day

Wake up at 08:00, breakfast and quick explanation to the two Australian roommates on what I was doing...

...they were intrigued by the helmet and bags with the words "europemotorbiketour.com".
Departure at Dublin harbor to catch the ferry. I immediately obvious is that this time I arrived too early, but patience, now I have learned the lesson that it is always better a little early than too punctual.
After a while there comes other two bikes, a pair of Germans with whom immediately start to make friends. He engineer and test driver of the Audi, she did not really understand, but it has to do with languages. They speak perfect English to me, we understand each other almost completely, even though I still have to work on my vocabulary still poor (though this has never been a problem for someone raised in Italy, gesturing do you mean everything). He tells me that Audi wants to become "the best place to work" and then offer the waiting periods with a small remuneration (if I understand correctly) and after 35 years of work he has convinced his wife and left for their journey of life, 6 months traveling around Europe. But I also explained that he regrets not having done it at my age or so, now some difficulties in the physical feel every now and then. We decide to take the path of TT together, and after a bit of miles she is the on ... That statue with the perfect view of the curves that lead in the sky. The statue of Joey Dunlop. I assure you that I feel the emotion even now as I write, let alone what it felt like staying by his side. To think that the same company that built its helmets, the company that built and donated to the Isle of Man that statue (Arai) ... He's helping me too.

24 June 2013

24° day

All the Tridays except me ... I received 4 emails and everything started with "I'm sorry if I tell you now, I was to Tridays."

For those who did not know what "Tridays", at this address you will find all the details: http://www.tridays.com/
And since I'll lose all the major motorcycle events this year, I hope at least that the group Triumph of Milan to organize the end of September one of their evenings "Triumph Milano City Tour by Night" (if there was anyone listening dell'organizzativo we account eh :))
Today I organized the next few days to Paris, and dream what I see tomorrow ... Isla of Man

23 June 2013

23° day

The day started very bad, rain to no end, and to make matters worse

I missed the ferry to the Isle of Man The port was near about 15mins from the hostel, and despite me being left for long, I'm lost in the port and after asking directions to dozens of people, I arrived just at the moment that the ferry was leaving. Dejected I did change the port of departure from Belfast to Dublin (there is a ferry every 3 days is that from Dublin to Belfast, so do not waste one day, I decided to go back to Dublin from where on Tuesdays). Without a destination in mind, I decided to go back to the hostel to reorganize my next few days. I had also thought about going to visit the northern part of the island, but in the end I stayed in the hostel rearrange the way the next few days. Here by chance I met an artist calligraphic American "Drury Brennan," which fed the American lifestyle has decided to move to Europe (for now Berlin, but think of a likely shift in Prague due to lower costs of maintenance of its art gallery).
Tomorrow is back to Dublin for the ferry on Tuesday morning, and this time go to sleep directly to the port to be sure not to lose it ...

22 June 2013

22° day

This morning I was going to go visit the Guinness Brewery,

However, given the time of heavy rain, I decided to get closer to Belfast (where I have the ferry to the Isle of Man tomorrow morning). Arriving in Belfast, just in time to figure out where to go to sleep, I was joined by a gentleman who asked me about the model of Triumph, led by me because they knew him. And after having explained what I was doing, he invited me to sleep at the hostel owned by him (Lagan Backpackers), located a few steps from there. Two of the guys that work there are Italian, and they explained to me a form of tourism that I honestly do not know. Working in a hostel / B & B or another, in exchange for board and lodging of a minimum wage. They explained to me that by doing so they can visit all the places without great expense or great sacrifices.
Tomorrow morning you go to the Isle of Man .. FINALLY!

21 June 2013

21° day

The morning in Dublin is started immediately with the visit of the city.

I took advantage of visited offer free walking from the hostel at which staying. Said sincerely, the tour will visit was beautiful as the city's general explanation but as I DID NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. The English spoken by the Irish it was very strange, but do not slow the group I pretended I also have it figured out. Luckily I had made ​​friends with the roommates, and one of which was Italo Americano, then some fundamental phase of the explanations I came to the rescue is translating.
What struck me about Dublin is that it is not like the other capitals who develop their own skyscrapers to no end, Dublin is always the same as many years ago. They do not upset the plan of the city. And especially for bikers, the road is paved and not smeared with "cobblestones" everywhere.

20 June 2013

20° day

That appointment with Ireland would have been without the rain? In fact, today was likely accurate.

I had just two moments to make two photos, the "Cliffs of Moher" and Galeway. The Cliffs of Moher is the only place I found a fee. But as the boy suggeritomi parking attendant, in the cases I pointed out that I am a member that "Bikers Club International" (there is serious?? Boh ...), and I benefited from the discount. After the brief visit to the Cliffs (the wind was very strong) saw the time, and conscious of the fact that the rain in motion things get complicated a bit, I decided to go straight to Dublin. Among fast roads and state, about 3 hours. Here is a very different world than the south, of course, the big city has felt much change and lost traditions. Tonight just enough time to organize the next 15 days and to sleep. Tomorrow I will visit the city quietly.

19 June 2013
Milltown Malbay

19° day

This third day in Ireland I have spent more in the southern part of the island,

I visited the length and breadth of the peninsula "Beara." I also managed to see the dolphins (but not in photograph), the famous ferry "Kirush ferry" that has saved me several kilometers. I believe that in order to visit the southern part of the island for good, the bike is the only solution (or the bike), is more complicated in the car stop and turn back. The roads that lead to places to visit are really narrow. The land within (if it can be called), is a continuous succession of green hills, where there are no paved roads to reach the peaks (sin). Tomorrow I will go to the center, so as to be nearer to Dublin, the third goal of my adventure.

18 June 2013

18° day

After the first few kilometers on secondary roads, all those that lead to places to visit,

I understand why so many of the recommendations to be careful the road. They are all irregular and above all full of gravel on both sides and the center. Instead of streets, houses and gardens are manicured both in town and out. Here known that maintain the traditions of years ago, both in building and in business, in fact I have not seen a mall or a large chain of fast food (so no free wifi)! After a few kilometers, I also believe that you understand why the road is so porous. The asphalt they do it very draining, then the infiltration of water destroys it. Apart from these subtleties: WOW, what is marvelous Ireland. I'm driving along the South West coast, in 6 hours I did just 200km because I'm following all the streets by "a machine." How many pictures I can do, I can never convey what really my eyes see. I highly recommend everyone a two-week tour in Ireland IN MOTORCYCLE!

17 June 2013

17° day

After several checks before boarding the ferry, I ran straight into a pair of Italian,

are the prov. Venice and make a trip of 11 days in Ireland in motion. However, after the introductions, we lost sight of. The evening / night on the ferry can only pass reading and sleeping. But when I decide to go outside for a breath of cold air, I hear a voice say, "Triumph". Turning around I notice a portly gentleman who spoke English which I did not understand almost nothing, later I find out that is Dutch, then the melee German to English. And chatting of the bikes in the company of two beers, he tells me he has done everything in motion Eastern Europe, especially Russia far and wide. And this year decided to do something in the West and so the first decision is falling on Ireland. By consulting the maps and expressing my doubt whether to stay 7 or 10 gorni, advise me to do just fine and the South and West of the island. The morning before landing reunion Stefano and Elisa, and with them I decided to make the first stretch to the oldest lighthouse in Ireland (Honey Hook is found). From there I continue alone to Coark, and in the middle of the afternoon it started to rain and 3 times as many rimcomparso is the sun. Tomorrow morning, along with the owner of the B & B where accommodation will decide which way to do, because he said that the usual destinations they visit all of them are boring. The only thing that makes me think, is that everyone here I recommend to be careful in motion, they say that the roads are dangerous. It will be for the time? Because I assure you that the main streets are very wide and everyone just see someone get them to move faster on the side of the road to let you pass. Oh I forgot, THE LEFT HAND DRIVE! As we got off the ferry and Stephen took the first roundabout turn left I screamed (inside the helmet, so it may have heard immaginte) "eye." But now I burst out laughing because I no longer remembered this fact. So, it's really very strange and unusual drive on the left, the biggest problem I see on roundabouts or junctions and I'm not thinking of anything but how and where having to turn. I assure you that I feel very clumsy to drive well, rigid, tense and with 4 eyes open because it seems that all are going to come at me.

16 June 2013

16° day

After chatted for a long time on the night before the most varied,

we went to bed with the appointment at 08:00 to 09:00 for breakfast and off we go. After the pictures I remember we started, and needless to say the "caravan" was led almost always the lady. Shortly after we greeted warmly and Rennes are alone continued on my way. I confess that I was a little hurt, even though I had just spent one day with them, I was already fond of. Obviously I was advised to want to reciprocate the hospitality as soon as possible.
From there I went to Mont St. Michel, but as already avveritito from them, now even you pay them all. The bariere that mark the entrance to the palace, are located several miles away, and you have to leave their vehicles in parking lots and apositi take a bus (for a fee) to go on the island. From the picture you see the most panoramic point from which it is possible to make a shot, but of course is very far away. Since I went straight to Omaha Bich and all the rest of the landing beaches. I confess that the 38 ° C of Spain are just a memory, here you do not go beyond 17.5 ° C. After watching the first few places, I think the beaches of the Normandy landings were the last place somehow free and civilized, it's all perfectly clean, nice and (except the Museum of Utah Beach) free. The American cemetery above Omaha, the film is one thing, but live is breathtaking.
Next port Destination: Cherbourg, waiting for the ferry to Ireland.

15 June 2013

15° day

Start from Poitiers in late morning are directed towards Rennes, more precisely in Guichen,

small town situated on the south of Rennes. Here I have the apuntamento with Triok (obviously nick), user fourm triumphchepassione.com, who heard about my adventure had contacted me to offer me her hospitality. Having arrived a little before the appointment, I sling in the first fast food with wifi to organize the trip to Ireland and the subsequent tour. I've thought long and hard whether to dedicate Ireland 7 or 10 days (for the speech of the ferry from Dublin's only on Sundays and Wednesdays), but eventually decide on the spot if it rains I always will be 7 days, if you will a minimum 10 beautiful.
Returning to Triok, is a friendly man in his fifties with a mad passion for Triumph, so much so that even his wife has one. They are the perfect pair of classic films, happy and united in their passions. Tomorrow I will take you on a little way, after which will go on alone to take my Tragheto. They are like two youngsters, who on Friday night said the other, "the week people go to the sea, so the streets are free to go to the bike." If there was a competition of the most beautiful couples in the world for each motorcycle brand, Triumph definitely recommend it to two of them.

14 June 2013

14° day

Having spent the whole night trying to recover deleted photos from today, I gave up!

Unfortunately, I confused the SD and I formatted the one that I had not yet emptied. I have only one photo. This morning the trip included only a trip to the north of France to get close to the ferry that will take me to the unaffordable Ireland. So after being passed by the "Parc Naturel des Landes de Gascogne", fantastic, I arrived in Bordeaux. The intention was to stop just to try a free wifi, but seeing the cities are left estrefatto. But looking forward and knowing that I did not have time to visit, I decided to continue, and then come back at a later time. From Bordeaux to Poitieres is back again the usual French scenery. Today the goal is Rennes, hosted by a forum user "triumphchepassione.come."

13 June 2013

13° day

Start from Zaragoza, I already knew that this route would have been fun to go in motorcycle.

At the foot of the Pyrenees, I noticed undergone major work in progress, then emerging from the Spanish side is penalizata (if anyone is going to do it my own, do not do it because they are changing the whole way, I think it will take at least 6 months to finish all those jobs). Shortly before the summit, the temperature began to fall dramatically, from 38 ° C yesterday we switched to 10 ° C! Obviously, I was armed with raincoats and winter gloves, but let him talk to the photos of that time I found on top and all the way down from the French side. Going down, I knew that my thirst for culture would take me to Lourdes, but there was only a 5 min. With no disrespect to anyone, and without wanting to judge anyone, I'm just saying a place where at times you also pay the air, not for me. From there I went to Pau, and the green hills have resumed as the dominant type of view.

12 June 2013

12° day

This morning quick jump in the Triumph dealer in Madrid to lend me the superatack

(one of GoPro falling in recent days is a little leg is broken) and are left for Zaragoza. As always in Spain, the question was whether to make the highway or the state, saw the endless desert that there is in this country. And in the end I chose the state. I do not regret it, even if a distributor I waited 30 minutes and then being told "we have no fuel until tomorrow morning." Is it possible that in 2013 in an EU country remains without fuel distributor? Apparently yes, but no problem, 20 km away I found another and I remedied. After receiving many compliments for the video of departure (assembled by his friend Roberto Giordanengo), together we decided to make many more in this trip, so as to have material to make then even longer. So I bought other media and I scattered them on the bike. So the day is spent moving the gopro at different points in order to obtain the optimum result. Arrived in Zaragoza, I understood why they write on Wikipedia that it is a desert area: 38 ° C! Ok I prefer the warm rain, but so do not mess around. From tomorrow western France.

11 June 2013

11° day

The day started early with a visit to Madrid

being the first time that I visit, I did not even realize before it was so huge. Obviously I do not tell you what to visit in this city, because everyone will have a thousand books about it. But I wanted to condividervi my point of view on the "Made in Italy". Yesterday while driving on the endless highway from Lisbon to Madrid, I turned on the radio intercom that I have on the helmet, and between songs they made ​​there were also those of Nina Zilla, Ramazzotti and Bocelli. And until there is nothing strange, however, in magazines motorcycle that I could see in the 2 Triumph dealer I visited, are full of articles about the products of the Italian brands (abbigliamneto, helmets, caps and so on). Honestly, being in Italy, and when I went abroad on holiday I never noticed that the marks italini are really top of the line in any industry anywhere in the world. Tonight still taste of some dish and tomorrow off to Lourdes.

10 June 2013

10° day

The 10th day is started very late, so I quickly reassembled the luggage and left Lisbona.

The stretch of road to do is Verman long, from Lisbon to Madrid. And I knew that in Spain the road can not only be straight, so I decided to take the road to the border and from then on the highway. And right on the border, exactly in Elvas, I came across a espsibione Portuguese military power in the city. At once I was excited, but then after the first 3 pictures, I was reminded of the memories of what those means can hurt and how much destruction lead. Instead of looking at the means, I started looking at the people who had eyes full of joy to see them. I just think that everyone is talking about the war until he live. Without wasting any more time, I left for the remaining 400 km that separated me from Madrid. And as the boy said Japanese "highway has no history", so I have a lot to tell you about this route, except for the occasional child who greets the rear window! Arriving in Madrid in the evening, I immediately lost in the tunnel, but once released, and thanks to the navigator, I found myself. The first impression I got is "But how is giant in Madrid?" Tomorrow will visit.

09 June 2013

9° day

This second day in Lisbon I have devoted entirely to visit the city with the Japanese guy

and let me tell his settacolarmeravigliosa adventure. For more than three years has been touring the world with its 250cc, and when I asked him why not a motorcycle bigger responded "It's hard to broken, it's easy to fix." He says that the most beautiful and diverse in the world is South America, but in Catania found so many good people, who even in one day 3 people had proposed hospitality at their home. For most of his trip he camped, however, says that of course he never rifutato an invitation. So if you see it in the coming months in the Turin - Gorizia, think about it if you have 5 minutes for you to tell him all his trip, hopefully with a dinner at home. Of course, in addition to the trip I did tell the life in Japan, where in addition to the fact that it is expensive I knew nothing. He explained that earn much, and life for them that they know where to buy, it may not cost as much. (Ex. He earned about € 3,000 and I spent 600 for a living) He added that the concept is the predominant medium in Japan, for this reason "the Institute funkziona" (some Italian words in the know) and which are not at all or mammon too tied to the family, all live their lives individually. However, if an Italian goes outside the big cities and says so, it is almost revered. He explained to me that they are very competitive with each other, and all that is Italian is always in fashion. This last evening tour of the city, and tomorrow we go to Madrid! The second leg of my journey.

08 June 2013

8° day

I was already convinced before, but after the tour of the city yesterday evening

with the manager of Triumph dealer in Porto, I realized that the best way to discover a place is to be accompanied by someone of the place! The language Portuguese, unlike the Spanish is completely incomprehensible to Italian.
From Porto I started with the intention of making the "road naciunal", but the rain combined with the asphalt slimy and a lot of traffic due to many small villages made me change my mind and I opted for the highway. On the way I met many bike tourists, but they all went in the opposite direction to my (Lisbon explained to me what was going on a journey of 3 days in Portugal).
In the short piece of the state, I could distinctly perceive the scents of Portuguese cuisine, I also found myself in the midst of a kind of gathering of motorcycles with small engines, but because of the rain I could not take pictures because they too were shipped to their destination.
Arriving in Lisbon, I went from Triumph dealer for a quick hello, and then set off towards the center of the city. And wandering aimlessly, I stopped in front of the balcony of Lisbon. While I was buying a sandwich for a quick snack, I noticed the presence of an Asian boy who was trying to repair a Suzuki very experienced. Obviously great mechanic that are (is ironic ...) I left the sandwich on the table and I offered him my precious help. But after a few moments, seeing the various molds on the bike I realized that it is a type of road that has seen a lot more than me. Thus speaking he told me he had to go to take pictures, but after that they would willingly explained what he was doing. The person who gave him the photos was the owner of a hostel, so I decided to pernotare from them. The evening led me to discover the nightlife of Lisbon, and I assure you that it is very lively and above all is the most multi-ethnic city that I've ever seen.

07 June 2013

7° day

As predicted departure to Portugal is started with the rain,

good part of the journey has been light, but then I had to up my rain jacket. Once you're in Portugal I fell in love immediately with plenty of hills perfect for bike lanes, the only problem is that it seems the people are not used to the bike and they all tend to cut or enlarge the curves! The asphalt is varied, and in most it is a bit disjointed. Council on the navigator to set "exclude highways," the whole piece from the border to Porto deserves to be driven! At lunch I chatted with a guy Portuguese everything and more, I will write in the next few days in the facebook group! In Porto I endorsed the Triumph dealer, where I decided to spend the night, the manager said that Port of evening is the best city in Portugal!
It is curious that the guy I met at lunch see Portugal very similar to Italy, he told me that "the Portuguese if they manage to break a rule they do, like the Italians." I think that it shows immediately for speed limits, few respect them unlike Spain, where it is recommended to Jose also strictly comply with the limits. This thought is also shared by the friends of the manager of Triumph concesionario with whom I went out this evening.

06 June 2013

6° day

Even the birthday has passed in the journey.

This night I did not sleep much, not to party too, but because I have made it clear that the area was not the most peaceful, so every 5 min threw the eye on the bike parked on the street. Inafatti fatigue already lunchtime you feel whole. In return for lunch in a remote village in the mountains, I was invited to join a table of 3 engineers of the railways that seeing the bike you are intrigued and wanted to tell him about what I was doing. They explained that Galicia is more expensive and have friends in Pordenone. And after having debated whether it was better the 800 or the tiger explorer (without reaching a conclusion), we said goodbye because they had to go to work. As if that were not enough fatigue, today the rain and the wind are the masters! Once in Santiago de Compostella, I turned in silence the entire sanctuary area, and when I go away I offered to take the photo to two gentlemen who were sitting on the ground altered from the trip, when one of the two me said "Italian?" (With obvious acento Romano) I assure you is that I filled my heart with joy, FINALLY an Italian in 2.000km! And after we raccontanti why we were there, we were greeted and presented only an hour. I knew the last most important facts of his life without even knowing the name, as many of him myself. This is the Camino de Santiago.
The second match of the day was with a Spanish and world champion martial artist, Jose Cardalda, who knew about me via Facebook contacted me about 10 days ago and offered me a place to sleep. In his gym I have seen more trophies than I have seen in my whole life put together. At dinner talking about a very slow Italian, Spanish and he reduced to the minimum necessary not have any trouble talking about work, family, passions or whatever. Tomorrow you go to Portugal and it will rain for sure!

05 June 2013

5° day

The difference between France and Spain, you can see immediately, is that the climate of the territory.

The green hills gave way to dry land. If in France, I felt like there was a vineyard for every inhabited, it seems to me that they live in Spain for wind turbines, there are everywhere. The road is almost completely flat, and understandably even the shadow of motorcyclists. It is a question, but in this area the bikes will sell ...?
But you will meet many pilgrims, both by bike and on foot, the main road that runs along the road to Santiago. Compared to yesterday, today is very hot, so I removed the thermal clothing and I opened all the vents. On the bike I made a change, a drying rack. Since last night I washed my clothes and have dried out in time, I twisted a bungee cord around the trunk, and I hung the clothes (10 min and it was all dry). Small incident with the gopro, I is falling but I recovered, but not without a few scratches. The thing that amazes me is that there are Italians, several Germans, but the usual Italian that can be seen all year round everywhere, qua non abound in number.

04 June 2013

4° day

The 4th day was really boring until "Saint Jean de Pied de Port"

for almost all the way I kept active cruise control, and in fact I raised the average km / l at 22. In some parts, I almost fell asleep, surrounded by greenery and endless straights some cultivated field. Some villages still seemed to me about 50 years ago. Instead, the stretch of road between Saint Jean de Pied de Port to Roncesvalles (France - Spain), to the astonishment brought me back on the roads that connect the Tenda to Roya (Italy - France, prov. Cuneo). The asphalt on the French side is spectacular, on the Spanish in Pamplona but it was good anyway. Pilgrims crossing the Camino de Santiago mingle with the bikers, with whom, unfortunately, I have not met because they were all up and down the racetrack. But I ran into a former mechanical engineer, who wanted at all costs to take pictures of the Explorer to the engine, yes, only the engine, the bike not even looked at it. Then as if nothing is broken on his way. Pamplona is again the usual big city, I think after that I will do a tour, but for now I'm busy recovering on the articles of the previous days.

03 June 2013

3° day

Saint-Gilles - Toulouse, I had to rearrange the luggage.

So how do I put at the beginning made ​​the bike too uncoordinated, in fact I gave up tank bag and some things of clothing. After the first 1,000 km I seem to know the bike for a lifetime. (Preface, before the trip I had done just over 900km, almost exclusively urban routes, but I have struggled to forget my Tiger 800) Now it remains only to find the right set for the front, that with this load is slightly dancer (this aspect you notice it driving without hands or low speed). I almost completely prevented the street car, I've done it is no 50km, by mistake, but the navigator immediately reposted me on the right path. Today I have not met many motorcyclists, we see that is a business day. This part of France is definitely me unknown, however, I realized that we would live happily, endless hills with long corners, a few hills by way of "Colle di Tenda or Sospel. Arrived in Toulouse, after seeing Nice, I realized that I will avoid of all the big cities, except for the capital, too much traffic and zero fun. fact from Toulouse I went out and followed the next sequence step, until I imbatutto the campsite on the "Lac de St-Cricq Thoux", where I stopped for cover all of the email to which I had not responded in recent days. Tomorrow I will start on soon, because I realized that about 300km a day that I have set are too few, but I prefer to take advantage of these wonderful days without rain.

02 June 2013
Saint-Gilles (Gard)

2° day

Vence - Saint-Gilles. The first kilometers were beautiful, because I finally started to live up to what a few days ago

still dreaming with open eyes. From Vence to Marseille the landscape is beautiful, it almost seems to be in America. Endless expanses, alternating with many small villages, where I immediately ran into a motorcycle rally, but still having this first day of schedules to meet, I went away immediately. From Marseille to Saint-Gilles I ran into the wind, which I did not think it was possible the intensity and I knew I had to lighten the bike, because that is too heavy. Movements from standstill is impossible to maneuver, and with the wind it seems to me to be a sailboat. This evening stop at the home of cousins ​​and greeting his sister, and tomorrow we leave, my adventure in solitary friendly faces for a while.

01 June 2013

1° day

We finally, the day of departure has arrived. The night before I slept about 5 hours.

Wake up at 7:30 and at 8 I was already in place to organize everything. So many people, so much, but especially so many emotions. After about 30km, the emotional collapse had Moglio on me. The legs were trembling, his arms were stiff, breathing stuffy, but mostly tears. The tears I have not yet figured out if they were of joy, tension or already miss all the friends and family who had come in such large numbers to greet me. I could not say goodbye to everyone because I had a very specific time of departure, which of course was not able to comply. In Nice, I shot 11 different hotels, but I have not found a vacancy. So I went out of town, and after a quick sandwich I fell asleep tried by all this day. The Organization of your work 6 months where I would send emails every day, and I hoped in the responses is suddenly materialized.
(Photo departure will come, unfortunately I have nothing I)

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